We invite journalists to join our feast of drive and sport!

Role of media in the development of the running culture

Thanks to productive cooperation with the media, each year the number of members of the running community in Ukraine is increasing, the Ukrainian population is becoming more athletic and healthy, the country is developing sports tourism, forming Ukraine’s international image. We are grateful to the media for assistance in achieving this result. We plan to only improve this result in the future.

How we cooperate with the media:

During the whole year, before and on the day of the event we promptly provide information about the event: facts, comments, photos, videos and more.

We, the team of Run Ukraine, willingly share an expert opinion about running, sport and development of the running movement as a whole.

We hold regular press conferences specifically for the media and open accreditation to our events so that the journalists could objectively cover the subject of running events, receive various comments from the parties and more.

Participation of the media in 5th MOLOKIYA Lviv Half Marathon

The best journalistic material comes when the author is directly immersed in the subject. We invite the media representatives to:

Take part in the race and experience the emotions and atmosphere of the running feast. In order to do so, you need to register for one of the individual races according to your level of training. See the “Registration” tab for details. In addition to the unique experience, you get to compete for the title of the fastest media representative.



If you want to obtain news from Run Ukraine about 5th MOLOKIYA Lviv Half Marathon or have any questions, please contact our experts:

Victoriia Veremiienko, Director of Marketing and Communications
Tel: +38 (067) 995 27 67
Email: [email protected]

The Run Ukraine Media Center thanks you for your interest and cooperation!

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