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About race

This is a new course. In a way, it is a half marathon that you run as a team. The first relay participant needs to run 10 km while his/her partner has 11.0975 km to overcome. The relay team runs the route of the half marathon along with the athletes on that course, therefore they have a chance to enjoy the true atmosphere of the event. The relay participant needs to run the distance that is twice less than the traditional 21.0975 km, which means it would take less time to prepare for the race and it would be easier to finish!

Remember that each relay participant will get a unique memorable medal! So don’t waste time and get your dream team ready!


  • finisher’s medal of all four stages is received by the last participant if crossing the finish line;
  • If the team came out at the start, but did not finish, team members do not receive a finishers’ medal for any of the stages;
  • Finisher’s package (banana, apple, water) is received by members of the 1st stage after overcoming his/her stage.

Якщо Ви хочете стати найкращим бігуном, Ви цілком можете ним стати. Тільки почніть просто зараз. Що може бути цікавішим, ніж спробувати?!

відома легкоатлетка, марафонець

Race map

Entry fee:

26.04.2018 -
30.05.2018 -
Fee for NGO Entry fee price for members of 1120 UAH 1280 UAH 1520 UAH
Entry fee price 1400 UAH 1600 UAH 1900 UAH
Entry fee covers
  • Participant’s race bib number – 2 pieces
  • Finisher’s medal (if overcoming the course) – 2 pieces
  • Results capturing electronic chip – 2 pieces
  • Plastic backpack – 2 pieces
  • Changing rooms and storage room services (changing rooms open from 07:00 a.m. till 05:00 p.m.)
  • Bonaqua hydration stations at 5 km, 10 km, 15 km, 18 km and at the finish line
  • Online certificate with the results – 2 pieces
  • Map of the route – 2 pieces
  • Molokiya Lviv Half Marathon 2018 participant’s guide – 2 pieces
  • Special offers from the partners
  • Music along the route
  • Official event wristband
  • Finisher’s package: an apple, a banana, water – 2 pieces
  • Photos after the race
  • Free open air trainings participation – Open run day
  • Attention!

  • Certificate of health is not required