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1. What is an ''online race''?

Online race is an individual race of a certain distance that a participant must finish on specific dates. For example, this year’s Running League opens with the 5th MOLOKIYA LVIV HALF MARATHON ONLINE, which is to take place on August 22–23, 2020. Over the course of these two days the participants who registered for this event must run the distance of their choice

2. How can I register for the online race?
  1. 1 Choose your course on the website
  2. 2 Click “Register”;
  3. 3 Enter login and password to enter your personal profile, if you had registered for our events before.
  4. 4 Click “Enter”
  5. Please, notice: If you had never participated in our events before, you must register before you enter your login and password and provide your personal information. Once your registration is successful, you will receive an email with your login and password that would get you to your personal profile;
  6. 5 Check all the data you provide and fill in the registration form;
  7. 6 Choose additional merchandise and click “Continue”;
  8. 7 Once your order is confirmed, enter your bank card details and clock “Pay”;
  9. 8 After your payment is successful, look for your start letter in your personal profile (“My events” tab) or in the email box provided at registration. Your start letter should include the following information: course, age, race number, last name and first name, contact information.

If you have any questions, contact us at [email protected] 

3. How much time is there for the registration?

Registration consists of two stages: early and late registration. 

Early registration for all League events opens on July 15, 2020 and will be closing gradually: registration for Lviv Half Marathon is open through August 5, for Kyiv Half Marathon – through August 27, for Odesa Half Marathon – through September 23, for Kyiv Marathon – through October 12, for Dnipro Half Marathon – through November 4. 

The late registration will be open during the following times for League events: August 5 through 20 for Lviv Half Marathon, August 27 through September 17 for Kyiv Half Marathon, September 23 through October 8 for Odesa Half Marathon, October 12 through 29 for Kyiv Marathon, November 4 through 11 for Dnipro Half Marathon.

4. What is the difference between early and late registration?

Participants who register for events of the Ukrainian Majors Running League Online during the time of early registration will get their start packages with a medal BEFORE the race. Participants who register during the time of late registration will get their personalized race number emailed to the BEFORE the race, and the actual start package with a medal will be sent in 21 days AFTER the race

5. Which distances are available for the online race?

The following distances are available in the online race: 4.2 km, 10 km, 21.0975 km and 42.195 km (only for Kyiv Marathon). Team races will also be available.

6. What is the cost of registration?

Basic registration fee for the online races is 580 UAH. Entry fee for members of NGO “Run Ukraine” is 480 UAH.

7. What does the entry fee cover?

The entry fee covers: delivery of the start package using Nova Poshta services (both within Ukraine and abroad), personalized race number, pins for the race bib number, official event wristband, plastic backpack, electronic participant’s guide, finisher diploma, medal, useful treats from our partners

8. How do I make the payment?

According to Run Ukraine 2020 Regulations, entry fee is paid by a participant online by the means of online payment on the organizer’s website.

The payment service is provided by the Interbank system of electronic delivery and payment using a modern and secure payment card authorization mechanism. Payment card details are entered on the website in a secure mode and are not available to employees.

9. Can I transfer my registration fee for an online race to another participant?

The entry fee paid by a participant can be transferred to another person for free before the end of the early registration period.

The service of registration transfer to another participant or change of course is provided for a fee. This service costs 150 UAH. To transfer your registration to another participant:

A participant needs to purchase a Registration Transfer Certificate in the online store

A participant needs to send an email to [email protected] with “Registration transfer” in the subject line and provide required information: certificate order ID; race number and e-mail of the registered participant; email and last name and first name of the new participant.

After this procedure is completed, the new participant gets a new race bib number without his/her name and with the rest of the content of the start package for a certain course. The previous participant’s race number provided in the request is annulled.

10. Can I change the course within the event?

The course of choice may be changed before the end of the early registration period. To do so, you need to submit a letter to the organizers at: [email protected].

It is impossible to change the course otherwise. A participant must purchase an additional slot in case there are free slots available.

11. When will I receive my start package?

Foreign participants get the medal and the start package in 21 days AFTER the race despite the stage of registration.

12. What does the start package include?

The start package includes: personalized race bib number, pins for the race bib number, official event wristband, plastic backpack, electronic participant’s guide, finisher diploma, medal, useful treats from partners.

13. Will I get a result capturing electronic chip?

No, there will be no result capturing electronic chips for the online race since there will be no electronic capturing of the results.

14. Do I have to run Lviv Half Marathon in Lviv and go to Kyiv for the Kyiv Half Marathon?

No, you can run the races of the online League anywhere following any route.

15. On what days can I run the race?

Each event within the Running League has fixed dates. Participants must run the race on the specified dates.

16. What is the route?

Each participant chooses the exact time and route for the race independently.

17. Will streets be closed for traffic and will there be medical assistance?

No, there will be no closing streets for traffic and no medical assistance since there is no fixed route.

18. Can I run the course on a treadmill at a gym?


19. How will the race be held?

On one of the two days provided for the Race, the participant should put on a race bib number and go for a run. Make sure you activate a tracking program (Strava, Endomondo, Nike+, TOMTOM mysport, Movescount, Polar Flow, Garmin connect, FitBit or any other open tracking service) before the race to capture your race. 

There is no time limit to the distance.

20. How will the results be captured?

You need to capture your result using any open tracking service (Strava, Endomondo, Nike+, TOMTOM mysport, Movescount, Polar Flow, Garmin connect, FitBit or any other open tracking service).

21. Where do I submit my results?

You must send the screenshot with your race results or the link to your personal profile on any tracking program to the email [email protected] within three days after the race. 

The result is considered submitted once you get a response from our manager.

22. If I have purchased accident insurance, does it cover online races?

No, the cost of your purchased insurance will be transferred to your personal Run Ukraine cashback account.

23. If I have purchased medal engraving certificate, can I use it during the online race?

We have two options available to you:

You can get your money transferred to your cashback account.

You can receive your start package after the race with the engraving.

PLEASE, NOTICE! To use one of the available option, email us at [email protected] by July 31 INCLUSIVE. Otherwise, the cost of your certificate will be transferred to your Run Ukraine cashback account.

24. Will you determine winners in the online races?

No, there will be no awards for winners.