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National record of Ukraine set at GRAND PRIX LVIV HALF MARATHON 2017

On October 29 Lviv hosted an international running event – GRAND PRIX LVIV HALF MARATHON 2017. The second Lviv half marathon brought together 2 250 runners from 25 countries who overcame bad weather for the sake of unforgettable emotions at the finish line.


The winner of the second Lviv half marathon is an athlete from Lviv – Taras Salo. He finished with the result of 1:07:43, thus setting a new track record, beating the last year’s winner by one minute. Today Taras’s main competitors were Ihor Heletii, Oleksandr Babaryka and Pavlo Veretskyi. Up to the 3 km the athletes were running together, then Taras Salo and Ihor Heletii gained a leading position leaving Oleksandr and Pavlo behind. Up to the 8 km Taras and Ihor were  fiercely competing for the leading position. However, closer to the middle of the course, Heletii started slowing down, thus leaving the leading position to the athlete from Lviv. So Taras Salo reached the finish line first. Ihor Heletii came in second with the result of 1:09:43, the third to cross the finish line was Oleksandr Babaryka with the result of 1:09:49.

Today my goal was to win and demonstrate the result at least as good as last year’s track record. I succeeded – I won and set the new track record. It wasn’t easy. I live in Lviv, but it was my first time running down the half marathon course. I usually train in the wood. I was ready for hills and slopes, but I was unprepared for pavement and this kind of weather”, – shares the winner.

There was no fierce competition among women on the main course of the race. Valentyna Kiliarska, an athlete from Mykolaiiv, was the first to cross the finish line. She finished with the time 1:19:12. Valentyna became the race leader from the very first minutes and was set to win. Mariia Hudak from Lviv was trying to catch up to her, but she lost by 43 seconds.   

I got to the leading position very fast and was running by myself starting on the 3 km. At the corner after 15 km I noticed that Mariia was about 60 meters behind me, but she wasn’t able to catch up to me”, – says Valentyna.  


National record

On October 29, during GRAND PRIX LVIV HALF MARATHON 2017, Volodymyr Skovorodka set a national record of Ukraine. He became the first athlete in Ukraine to finish the 21.0975 km course in complete firefighter equipment, which weighs 17.5 kg. Skovorodka finished with the time 2:14:53.



Professionals and amateurs, adults and children – anyone could join this festival of sport. This year the organizers of the event, Run Ukraine, offered traditional individual courses of 21, 10, 5 or 2 km, as well as a relay race.  

For the first time GRAND PRIX LVIV HALF MARATHON 2017 included a 2 km Family Run, which was open to participation for any family. Lviv City Mayor Andrii Sadovyi, along with his 5 sons, finished this course. For the first time the city of Lviv included a race for those who just begin their running career – “My 1 km with Herbalife”. Olena Hovorova, the bronze finalist of the Olympic games in triple jumps, also came to support the new runners on the course.    

Due to bad weather conditions, the organizers had to cancel children’s races, which were supposed to take place on the courses of 100, 500 and 1000 meters.


Charity race “Winners”

For the first time Lviv hosted a charity race “Winners”, dedicated to the multimedia project by TSN. Each participant on that course helped raise funds for the athletic limb prosthesis for Olha Tarasevyh. The girl is only 25 years old. She used to be a cook in the ATO zone and she lost a leg in May last year during the shelling of a building in Avdiiivka. The athletic prosthesis would allow her to do sports safely and professionally. Today Olha walked the 2 km course along with the “Winners” team from TSN. Solomiia Vitvitska, the curator of the TSN project, also finished the symbolic course. Choreographer and producer Oleh Zhezhel, participant of the “Kazaky” band, and the member of Parliament of Ukraine Volodymyr Parasiuk also took part in the charity race.


The special feature of Lviv half marathon were finisher’s medals. Each participant on the 21.0975 km course received a unique memorable medal with the portrait of Andrii Kuzmenko (the frontman of the “Skriabin” band). His image was chosen by the most votes on the half marathon website. The leaders on the main course received their medals from the father of the prominent singer.

GRAND PRIX LVIV HALF MARATHON 2017 has a prestigious mark – three stars from the European Athletic Association, which testifies to the high level of organization of the event.

Today Lviv held the last stage of the Run Ukraine Running League 2017, which includes 5 running events in 4 cities of Ukraine: Kyiv, Dnipro, Odesa and Lviv. Based on the overall result of all races, they will determine the winner from among the amateurs. THe organizers of the League, the Run Ukraine, presents the winners of the League with participation in the prestigious Prague marathon 2018.

Winners and medalists of the courses of GRAND PRIX LVIV HALF MARATHON 2017

21.0975 km


  1. Taras Salo – 1:07:43;
  2. Ihor Heletii – 1:09:43;
  3. Oleksandr Babaryka – 1:09:49;


  1. Valentyna Kiliarska – 1:19:12;
  2. Mariia Hudak – 1:19:55;
  3. Iryna Masnik – 1:24:03;

10 km


  1. Yurii Vykhopen – 0:32:15,6;
  2. Artem Alfimov – 0:32:39,1;
  3. Oleksandr Chenikalo – 0:32:51,8;


  1. Joanna Nabielec – 0:44:57.0;
  2. Olha Nosova – 0:45:19.3;
  3. Renee Wynveen – 0:45:39.3 ;

5 km


  1. Volodymyr Kuts – 0:16:11.7;
  2. Stanislav Onishchuk – 0:20:29.4;
  3. Yurii Boretskyi – 0:20:49.8;


  1. Karina Voronchenko – 0:23:05.5;
  2. Yuliia Tkach – 0:23:40.2 ;
  3. Iryna Poperechna – 0:25:20.9.