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Run Ukraine Running League becomes a Ukrainian Majors Running League!

The Run Ukraine Running League turns into Ukrainian Majors Running League in the season of 2020. In the new season League participants will get additional stimuli to participate in all events in different cities of Ukraine. What else will the year of 2020 bring us – read below.



Ukrainian Majors Running League – this is the new title of the Run Ukraine Running League, which includes a number of half marathons in various cities of Ukraine and Kyiv marathon.

These are the largest running events of Ukraine with a high level of organization where 100% routes of the main courses go through Ukrainian or international certification. This is unprecedented for Ukraine: according to the professional course measurer Yurii Kostrytskyi, in 2019 only 4 out of 10 marathons and 11 out of 39 half marathon routes were properly measured. 

The title “Ukrainian majors” appeared as an analogy with the top-6 marathon “majors” – the most prestigious and the most numerous marathons of the world which often become the ultimate goal for many runners: Berlin, Boston, London, New York, Tokyo and Chicago. Slava Varda, a journalist and TV presenter, was the first to use this name for races of Run Ukraine, and soon the name “Ukrainian majors” became common.


Categories and prizes

Unlike previous years, this year League is not only for amateurs but also for professionals. Before, professional runners and elite athletes were not included in the League rankings, but in the season of 2020 they will be able to compete for the victory having run all stages of the Ukrainian Majors Running League.

In the new season the runners will not just be setting their personal best on the courses in various cities of Ukraine, they will also be accumulating points as a result of each event and at the end of the season they will compete for prizes in seven different classifications:

The number of points earned as a result of each stage will depend on the course the runner is participating on, the time the course was finished in and the place in the overall ranking. 

Prizes for League winners are to be announced later.


League Finisher’s Medals

There will be an additional stimulus for the runners of the season 2020 to participate in all events of the Ukrainian Majors Running League – Run Ukraine is already working on the unique Ukrainian Majors Running League finisher’s medal for the runners who finish all the races of the League.


Cashback system

When purchasing registration for any race of the League, there will be points accumulated in the participant’s personal profile that can later be used for the purchase of other registrations or League souvenir products (t-shirts, cups, buffs, pins etc.).

The points accumulated in 2020 can also be used for the purchase of registration for the races of 2021 with one little “but”: all points will be cancelled out on the New Year’s Eve on December 31, 2020, so you will have to hurry with your decision making.


Package registration deal

When registration opens, runners can purchase registration for all races of the Ukrainian Majors Running League as one package with a significant discount.


Registration for new races of Ukrainian Majors Running League 2020 will open on December 11. Do not hesitate, run all Ukrainian majors from Run Ukraine.

Let’s #runtogether in 2020!