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Molokiya is the title sponsor of the 3rd Molokiya Lviv Half Marathon


The “Molokiya” company became the title sponsor of the biggest running half marathon in Lviv – 3rd Molokiya Lviv Half Marathon , which will take place on June 10.


“It is possible to develop a good event when you have successful collaboration of business, society and government institutions – this is our model of synergy. Today we are signing a contract with the “Molokiya”™ for the title sponsorship of Lviv half marathon, which is a historically important moment for this event. 2 months ago we visited the production facilities of Ternopil dairy factory, met their team and I personally felt very inspired. First of all, I was inspired by the number of young experts involved in production, their attitude to the production process, their attention to all details on any stage of production – from processing to choosing a package. The values of “Molokiya”сompany correspond to the values of the team of Run Ukraine, which gives us the synergy required to make Lviv half marathon one of the best regional running events in Ukraine” comments Dmytro Chernitskyi, the General Manager of Run Ukraine.


When supporting sports events in various cities of Ukraine, “Molokiya” helps form healthy society through healthy food products.


“We would like to demonstrate with our participation that doing sports is not only good for you, but also fun, and health is the personal victory of each one of us. We are a socially oriented company, and events like this one give us a chance to convey the importance of sport and healthy eating, since we are united by one goal – to invest in your healthy future!» notes the chairman of the Board “Molokiya” Viktor Petrovych Soltys.


The “Molokiya” company and Run Ukraine have been cooperating since 2016, when Lviv hosted its first half marathon. Over the two years of this race, it was attended by about 4,000 professional and amateur runners from all over the world. Thousands of fans joined the running movement in Lviv.


The 3rd Molokiya Lviv Half Marathon will take place on June 10. The program of half marathon will have three individual races on the following courses: 21.0975 km, 5 km, and 2 km. In 2018 for the first time there will be relay races: 1х10 km + 1х11.0975 km HeForShe Lviv Half Marathon Rela y and a relay for four participants: 3х5 km + 1х6.0975 km Under Armour Relay. Traditionally the organizers of half marathon will invite young participants to come to the starting lines of children’s races: 1,000 m, 500 m and 100 m as well as a 2-km family race for families.

3rd Molokiya Lviv Half Marathon is one of the stages of Run Ukraine Running League , which includes races in five cities of Ukraine.


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The “Molokiya” company is a big family that has been demonstrating its love to the millions of Ukrainian families for about 20 years, producing good dairy products from the natural FRESH milk. All products are produced without artificial food dyes, artificial flavors and preservatives. Taking into account the extreme value of milk protein, the “Molokiya” company created special products for a healthy diet – white “Molokiya” yogurts. Their special feature is additional enrichment of the product with high quality milk protein. Therefore, the body additionally gets more benefits without increasing the amount of fat and carbohydrates in the product. At the finish line each race participant will get white “Molokiya” yogurt to refresh after the race. Molokiya. Milk that loves you.


Run Ukraine is the organizer of the biggest running events in Ukraine. Starting in 2010, the company has organized over 30 international competitions for the amateurs of running and sports enthusiasts. The mission of Run Ukraine is to organize large-scale sports events of the highest level and to inspire people to take up running.


The company is the organizer of «Run Ukraine Running League», which includes seven events in five cities of Ukraine:

Company website: runukraine.org